Friday, February 15, 2008

The Great Snowball Tour TONIGHT FEB 15

9pm Friday, Feb 15th at 9:00pm

Spring Garden Music and the Creative Music Collective Present:
The Great Snowball Tour
Andrea Neumann/Jack Wright/Vic Rawlings
Barn Owl

Hampshire College Red Barn
Co-Sponsored by Stadtkreis Berlin

Andrea Neumann - Inner Klavier, Mixing Board,
Jack Wright - Saxophones
Vic Rawlings - Cello and Electronics

As the snowball rolls around the east coast it picks up players who
then melt off, and new additions are joined. For this date, we will
see a one time only appearance of andrea and jack playing with vic
rawlings. We can expect some subltly strange combinations of tones and
sounds coming from a bleated/bloated reed, scraped strings, and
garbled sticks and slips.

Andrea's appearance is made possible with the support of Stadtkreis Berlin

Barn Owl - Matt Weston, Chris Cooper and Andy Crespo. Only sleep
during the day, have excellent sense of hearing, swoop down upon
unassuming field mice, letting out a bone-chilling shriek.

J Phloyd Starpoli - Trombone
Neil A. Young - Percussion
Peter Bonos - Trumpet
From the Mustard cave to your dome. Bring a blanket and a squeeze toy.

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