Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday Early Show at Hampshire College: John Wiese & Mouser


FROM WIKIPEDIA His ongoing projects include LHD and Sissy Spacek, with plenty of freelance work with many artists as diverse as GX Jupitter-Larsen, Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, Evan Parker, Smegma, Kevin Drumm, Yellow Swans, Cattle Decapitation, No Age, C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) and Kommissar Hjuler und Frau.



Friday, April 11, 2014

APRIL 13th - Tom Carter // Kyle Eyre Clyd // LLILW GRAY at Feeding Tube

KYLE EYRE CLYD (New Orleans): alias Penny Royale, of The Second Sun, of Trepanner, recent collab Silver Reich II w/ Rodger Stella, past collabs Mother Earth & Wicked Rot w/ Dylan Hay
...oscillators/reels/wind organ/film...synthesizes a choir of the undead set to her re-edited version of Nosferatu

TOM CARTER (Queens, NY): new LP HALATERN, etc., former Charalambides, of eponymous duo with No Neck Blues Band's Pat Murano, of Sarin Smoke, duo with Pete Swanson
...electric guitar...spare strands of melody woven into towering long-form drones

LLILW GRAY (NYC) Keith Connolly of No Neck Blues Band, Bomb Magazine, launching HALATERN, etc. (a sublabel of Algha Marghen). Limited LPs by Clyd & Carter available at shows.

Doors at 9pm
music at 10pm 


Monday, April 7, 2014

APRIL 9th - JOOKLO DUO w/ BILL NACE // Kieran Lally at Feeding Tube

JOOKLO DUO w/ BILL NACE // Kieran Lally
doors at 9pm
music at 10pm 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Post Prima Aprilis! with Unguent, Cube, Frida Precariat, Bromp Treb, & Twixes

Post Prima Aprilis!

the day after fools day is a time for profound introspection. 
wiggling butts to busted beats & demented electronic music from the likes of:

CUBE (oakland, ca)

UNGUENT (philadephia, pa)


BROMP TREB (wmass)

TWIXES (wmass)

show will start at 8pm sharp and be over by 11:30pm.
no buts whiffs or it's. chill vibes only.

please bring:
- $$$ for the touring acts gas (also buy merch!)
- a date
- a friend
- one ambiguous desire

Chicoine Subzone
648 riverside drive
florence, ma

Saturday, March 29, 2014



Doors at 9
Music from 10 - 12 !




Thursday, February 20, 2014

XFest 2014: Improvised music, movement and visuals. February 21-23 at Gateway City Arts, Holyoke MA

XFest 2014: Improvised music, movement and visuals.
February 21-23 at Gateway City Arts, Holyoke MA

119 Gallery and Open Field Initiative present XFest 2014, a festival of improvised music, visuals and movement. The format of the festival is simple and challenging: on Friday and Saturday nights 20+ visiting artists and 60 local artists perform in 20 half-hour sets, 10 sets per night. On Saturday afternoon visiting groups perform and on Sunday afternoon local groups’ perform. Throughout the festival there will be an exhibit of collages and videos by Stephanie Lak.
This year the festival will be held at Gateway City Arts, 92 Race Street, Holyoke MA.
“Improvisation can give us the skills to deal with many social and aesthetic issues of the twenty-first century. Although we have become adept at talking about aesthetic hybridity, cultural alerity, crossing borders (both earthly and cyber), and global fusion; few of us have really studied what physical and intellectual practice will make our bodies and minds ready for this brave new world … Improvisation can lead us out of our habitual responses by opening up alternative experiences – new physical sensations and appetites … Although this practice begins with attentiveness to corporeal experience it also develops a mental flexibility that can provide an intellectual map with which to chart new pathways for negotiating awkward and difficult crossings.” ~ Ann Cooper Albright, Taken By Surprise
Friday February 21
8:00pm – TJ Borden, Val Keuhne, Ryan Baker, Marc Bisson
8:20pm – Jill Burton, Stephanie Lak, Jane Boxall, Dei Xhrist, Shorty Mc
8:40pm – Pat Cain, Al Margolis, Joshua Jefferson, Christos Koulendros
9:00pm – Jeff Carey, Joey Molinari, Dave Seidel, Jen Gelineau
9:20pm – David Dugas Dion, Chris Welcome, Andy Kivela, Matt Samolis
9:40pm – flandrew fleisenberg, Alex Pelchat, Kit Demos, Andrea Pensado
10:00pm – Bonnie Kane, Shayna Dulberger, Steve Norton, David Russell
10:20pm – Martin Freeman, Sam Tremble, Jimmy Hughes, Erik Brown
10:40pm – Dave Grollman, Jack Wright, Karen Langlie, Tom Crean
11:00pm – Ras Moshe, Dave Miller, Ramon Castillo, Gabby Fluke-Mogul
11:20pm – Matt Weston Robert Pepper, Andrew Newman, Ted Lee
11:40pm – Doug Van Nort, Brendan Landis, Andy Crespo, Michael F Dailey Jr
DJ – Robo Rob
Movement – Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Loren Groenendaal, Allison Lorenzen
Video – Gregory Kowalski, Katherine Liberovskaya
Saturday February 22
2:00pm – Gelineau VanNort Liberovskaya Margolis
2:45pm – Heavy Fragile: Allison Lorenzen, Sam Tremble
3:30pm – HOT DATE: Shayna Dulberger, Chris Welcome
4:15pm – Leftovers Diable: David Dugas Dion, Alex Pelchat
5:00pm – CRUNCH: Andrea Pensado, Jack Wright, Walter Wright
8:00pm – Ras Moshe, Abram Taber, Frank Turek, Mitch Ahern
8:20pm – David Dugas-Dion, Joey Molinari, Paul Conant, James Ham
8:40pm – Alex Pelchat, Chris Welcome, Kassie Carlson, Forbes Graham
9:00pm – Pat Cain, Jeff Carey, Crank Sturgeon, Arkm Foam
9:20pm – Jill Burton, Brendan Landis, Adam Bosse, i’d m Theft Able
9:40pm – TJ Borden, Jack Wright, Kevin Dacey, Todd Brunel
10:00pm – Doug Van Nort, Robert Pepper, Andy Goulet, Neil Young Cloaca
10:20pm – Stephanie Lak, Laurie Amat, Brett Renaud, Andy Allan
10:40pm – Dave Grollman, Bonnie Kane, Dave Miller, Ben Raymond, Zack Root
11:00pm – Martin Freeman, Val Keuhne, Rick Breault, Mike Funaiole, Sita Magnuson
11:20pm – Shayna Dulberger, Al Margolis, Kate Lee, Nick Williams, Jim Magnuson
11:40pm – flandrew fleisenberg, Sam Tremble, Miss Olivia Kennett, Lou Bunk
DJ – Robo Rob
Movement – Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Loren Groenendaal, Allison Lorenzen
Video – HEXbeam, Gregory Kowalski, Katherine Liberovskaya
Sunday February 23
2:00pm – Laurie Amat, Dave Seidel Duo
2:30pm – EMU: Joe Burgio, Paul Kafka-Gibbons
3:00pm – Ben Hersey
3:30pm – Chill City Icon: Kevin Dacey, Travis Hagan, Brett Mason
4:15pm – Tough Day Tubing: Crank Sturgeon, Al Margolis, Steve Norton, Walter Wright
5:00pm – Egg, Eggs!: Jen Gelineau, Miss Olivia Kennett, Ted Lee, Shorty Mc, Brett Renaud, David Russell, and more
Supported by the artists, Holyoke Local Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

XFest 2014 moves to Western MA.

119 Gallery is bigger than it looks. Each year we host nearly 500 artists and over 2500 visitors. In addition to promoting new and established local artists and performers, we have hosted artists from as far away as Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan. XFest is 119 Gallery's biggest annual event.

Since it began in Lowell in 2009, XFest has developed into an event for attendees from greater Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and the whole of New England. This year's move to Holyoke allows us to include more New England performers, in particular those from the active, new music scene in the Pioneer Valley. In addition, XFest 2014's Holyoke location is readily accessible to attendees from Montreal, Western New York, and Pennsylvania.

119 Gallery is growing to be more regional in scope. We look forward showcasing artists from the entire state, across New England and the Northeast. We are partnering with the Open Field Initiative in order to bring our programming - exhibitions and events - to a larger, regional audience.

XFest 2014 is produced by Walter Wright of 119 Gallery and Jen Gelineau from the Open Field Initiative, and supported by all our friends, benefactors, and the artists; as well as the Holyoke Local Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jason Lescalleet presents Videos About Nothing + Neil Young Cloaca @ Hampshire College Wednesday Feb 12th; 6:30pm.

Wednesday Feb 12th; 6:30pm.  
Bill Brand Screening Room (Jerome Liebling Center for Film Video & Photography)

Hampshire College
Amherst, MA

In 2012 Erstwhile Records released Jason Lescalleet’s Songs About Nothing. The album received near-unprecedented acclaim for a release of its kind. Over the following year Lescalleet commissioned 13 different artists to create videos for the 13 tracks on the first disc, Trophy Tape.

Tonight Lescalleet presents the results: Videos About Nothing, followed by a Q&A moderated by Matt Krefting.

Opening will be Neil Young Cloaca, a contributor to the collection also known for his work as Bromp Treb and as drummer for Fat Worm of Error.

The evening is presented by the Hampshire College Film Society.
Videos About Nothing:
01 The Beauty of Independent Music - Aaron Dilloway [Oberlin, OH]
02 Old Theme - Ellen Frances [New York, NY]
03 Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold) - Annie Feldmeier Adams [Chicago, IL]
04 The Loop - Justin Meyers [Minneapolis, MN]
05 Euphoric Sting - Antony Milton [Wellington, New Zealand]
06 Beauty Is A Bowtie (HTDW) - C Spencer Yeh [New York, NY]
07 The Power of Pussy - Olivia Block [Chicago, IL]
08 Escargot - Adel Souto [New York, NY]
09 In the Morning - Neil Young Cloaca [Turners Falls, MA]
10 Friday Night in a Catholic Home - Todd Deal [Worcester, MA]
11 10 Amp Waves - Jubal Brown [Toronto, ON]
12 I Killed Another Day - Heidi Alasuvanto [Oulu, Finland]
13 In Through The Out Door and Another Whore - Robert Beatty [Lexington, KY]

Bill Brand Screening Room (Jerome Liebling Center for Film Video & Photography)
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA

Saturday, January 18, 2014


heya! A grrreat new node on the weirdo network is opening up in my fav upper valley town of Brattleboro (aka "Bundlebundle" aka "Brunzelbraille" aka "Boodleboodle").  These folks have been operating tirelessly to make some good stuff happen up there in smoldering metaphoic wreckage of the Tinderbox and now, it has finally paid off.  Hopefully we'll be seeing more posts from them here, as we recognize that this valley is indeed a deep and long gash spewing some of the finest most eclectic freak activities around.  Here's the news in their words:

Hey Folks!
The Future Collective is moving into a home at 17 Elliot Street! We will be using the two-room studio as a not-for-profit art gallery and performance space, as well as for community workshops and other community events and meetings. We have been organizing events and fundraising without a space since January of 2012, and is excited by the additional opportunities that having a consistent space will provide. We are calling the space: THE FUTURE!

We have a very busy February planned, called FUTURE WINTER. FUTURE WINTER is an intentional response to the typical dreary February in Brattleboro.  The Future Collective has over 25 events planned for the month of February. The exciting month will start off on February 1st at 7:30 pm with a Future Cabaret and Community Art Show at The Future. The Future will also host a Mixtape Swap on the 10th at 6:00 pm. There are also Future Outing Club events, intending to get people outside and active during the most stay-inside time of the year, and include Night Hikes (on the 16th at Wantastiquet for the Full Moon and the 28 at Fort Dummer), Sledding Outings (with soup at Memorial Park on the 2nd), Community Bike Rides(meet at the top of the parking garage at 3:00 pm on the 3rd and the 17th), and more! The Future Collective is also hosting a Righteous Youth Rebellion Movie Series at Next Stage in Putney throughout the month of February (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School on the 7th, Over the Edge on the 13th, Pump Up the Volume on the 20th, and The Legend of Billie Jean on the 27th). For the Kick Off of the movie series, there will be a special Karaoke Church performance after the screening of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, in which local musicians will perform Ramones’ songs and have the crowd sing them, as if they were church hymns. The Backside CafĂ© will be hosting a benefit for the Future Collective (on the 15th from 7:00 to 10:00) in which a portion of drink sales from the night will support The Future. There will be live music and Djing at the event. FUTURE WINTER will end with an Outerspace Glitter-Glam Dance Party at The Future (March 1st – 8:00 to 11:00). There are more FUTURE WINTER event that you can check out the FUTURE WINTER Facebook event page (at

We hope to see you out there at some of our Febraury events and in our new space. Please let us know at any time if you would like to not receive these emails, and we won't send them to you!
The Future Collective Steering Committee (Hannah, Jonas, Tess, and Willie)