Sunday, July 12, 2015

Next Saturday JULY 18 at John Doe Jr in Greenfield

Next Saturday two cool noise guys from Chicago are coming to little Greenfield on their tour and enlightening the smart set who decides to drop in on John Doe Jr to see and hear Shingles and Sugarm. I hope you will be one of the many who come.

Comers will hear homegrown locals, foambidoux Allen Group, which consists of two basses and a sax, played by the music impresario Matt Robidoux, Adam Foam and Andy Allen. They will be a pleasureable and interesting to hear.

Also on the bill is the young local band Thee Arcadians, who are making their way around the valley, playing everywhere that'll have them. This band changes frequently but I hear that for Saturday, guitarist Nico Lapinski, Ian St George and one of the rotating set of "Sons of David Russell" will be playing. For this show it will be Elliot Russell playing the kit, instead of Sal McNamara.

And finally, I am going to play a solo set, my first gig with electric guitar instead of ukulele. I am going to do a bunch of my original songs (you know you love it) and a cover or two on the Hagstrom 1966 I bought last December in Nashville.

I hope I see you all in Massachusetts.

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