Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Friday the 13th

There is a full moon this week and a very busy and fun weekend to enjoy, if you are interested in music and sounds.

Thursday, when the moon is at its fullest, I'm sliding over to The Root Cellar in Greenfield, MA to see a list of performers who I trust will illuminate and glow for us and lighten our weary January minds: Wet Tuna, which is a Matt Valentine/Patrick Gubler duo, John Shaw, Galacto Fidelity: a trio of Byron Coley, Matt Krefting and Bill Nace, Crystalline Roses which is Tony Pasquarosa, Frozen Corn, which is Tony, Chris Carlton and Josh Burkett, and Pigeons. It should be a nice night. I like the Root Cellar even tho they don't have any drink specials.

Speaking of Drink Specials, the next two nights of the weekend are also jam packed with dense sounds located in neighboring Turners Falls, at the beautiful-sounding Brick House on 3rd Street. Its nice to go there and bring seltzer and treats to share like fancy chocolates and groovy cookies. I might bring some home made ginger cookys because im playing with a quartet which they let me name Ginger Cooky. I'm fortunate enough to have Kate Lee (Long John), Mia Friedman of Hollow Deck and Ted Lee of Feeding Tube Records on stage with me playing music. Before we play our set though, Jenifer Gelineau and Willie Gussin wheel out their new project, Snow Pot, and give us all a sonic whirl. The night is a lazy 3 hours of 3 bands so there will be plenty of time for the groups to expand for us and with us and by 10 pm we will be entranced by Bob Fay's band NIGHT SCHOOL which includes Andy Goulet and Jim Bliss. I put the show together because I wanted to listen to those guys play songs.
Interested Listeners will return to the Brick House on Saturday night to attend a show curated by Josh Burkett of Mystery Train. This show starts early, 6 pm sharp. MT Presents :Gary Higgins, Pigeons, Sunburned Hand of the Man and Frozen Corn will be lighting up the place.

 If you haven't had enough by then, head back over to the Root Cellar in Greenfield to see some rhythms with the Big Mean Sound Machine. Horns are my favorite.


No Stand In Will Do said...

Josh Burkett changed the time of the saturday show at the brick house. it now starts at 8 and will run concurrently with the show at the root cellar. that is all

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