Sunday, November 15, 2015

Greenfield, Massachusetts is a groovy art town

In the next week, there are things happening in Greenfield every day and I choo choo choose to go to three of them and I'm happy and excited to stay in my town and soak up the art life.

On Tuesday at John Doe Jr. Matt Robidoux continues his series of music concerts with a super show featuring hisself and Colby Nathan coming off their Canadian tour. It is a big show, you'll get your money's worth. I don't know about any of the acts except ANGELA SAWYER. Yep, Angela will be doing a set Tuesday night along with 4 other acts. More info, check the faceblah event page I know it will be an amusing and hopefully ethereal night.
Wednesday WOW! In Greenfield at the Garden Cinemas again rides the ONE MINUTE FESTIVAL of video and film. This event started two years ago and it was a fun scene to see folks' mini videos shown in the big theatre. Starts at 7 pm and it's gonna be great.

Thursday! More alternative music in Greenfield, this time at the newly reopened Wheelhouse bar in the Arts Block building. I'm excited to see/hear Jake Meginski play as well as a set by my Egg, Eggs costar Sophie Leetma. Again I refer you to the write up on the FB event page because it knows more than me.

I am happy I don't have to leave my lil town to see shows and events that I would probably drive to Florence or Northampton to see but I don't need to, thanks to the arty folk in my thrivingly vibrant town. See you later on.


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