Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #2

Says Neil:

Wednesday, February 27th, 9pm Five Bucks!
at the Rendezvous
78 3rd St
Turners Falls, MA 01376

Christopher Weisman
Barn Owl
Pattern Diver
lecture by Christopher Sawyer-Lau├žanno
Clumsily hosted & Dj-ed by Cloaca

please, read on:

Chris Weisman
New England guitarist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist music teacher Chris Weisman writes pop songs, instrumental music, and improvises, drawing from the radical harmonic invention of The Beatles, Barrett, and jazz; the minimal (not Minimalist) aesthetics of Satie, Calder, Jarrett, Lacy, Japan (as imagined), and Ben Jones (just squint or step back); the fury and unpredictability of Nicholson, Hopper (in Blue Velvet), and Jarrett (again); and the lyrics of Arto Lindsay, Veloso, Robyn Hitchcock and Steely Dan. He also utilizes various music-theory-level limitations such as Limited Pitch Collections other than conventional scales and arpeggios including Nonmusical Patterns (look for his book Nonmusical Patterns and their Musical Uses on Radical Readout), his system My Alphabet, as well as Messiaen's Modes of Limited Transposition. He is currently working on two Beatles books: Tuned to a Natural E (Beatlemusic for Guitar), and Beatles Windows, co-authored with Carlton Davulis. His label (primarily cassette releases) is called Tomorrow Tapes Tonight, a name there are at least three ways of hearing which contains a loose reference to Children of Men and the feeling of Barack Obama.

Barn Owl
Western mass's favorite electro-acoustic improv power trio have been kicking around the pioneer valley for quite some years now. Their sound is full of invigorating and unexpected textures, wild plot twists, and moments of confusing beauty. Matt Weston - tympani/percussion & electronics, Andy Crespo - electric Bass & ample glops of rosin, & Chris Cooper - prepared guitar & electronics.

Pattern Diver
Mike Burakoff a.k.a. Pattern Diver, makes pastoral drones and spare clicky beats while stirring melting digital video projections. He is an avid tinkerer of both soldered-together junkware as well as MAX/MSP + Jitter software. He will invariably will poking at his laptop while your eyes will be glued to the screen.

Christopher Sawyer-Lau├žanno will be giving a brief talk about the Mayan Calendar & the End of the World Prediction, followed by a reading from his translation of the prophetic Mayan Books of Chilam Balam. An author, translator, painter, & wannabe anthropologist, Christopher has been writing all kinds of stuff about all kinds of things for a very long time. He also probably knows a few secret Montague handshakes as well. ask him.

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