Monday, February 18, 2008

Sian Alice Group/ Mike Bones/ American Hornets/ Belly Boat

March 1, 9 pm Hampshire Red Barn

SIAN ALICE GROUP (ex Jesus and Mary Chain) -
Excellent new improv rock from the UK.

"The word 'epic' is thrown around quite a bit when speaking of London's Sian Alice Group, and with good reason." - PITCHFORK

"...our favorite new British band." - VICE

"...something as beautiful as this atmospheric, so-long-it's-split-over-two-sides slice of six-in-the-morning wonderment..." - NME, Vinyl of the week

Mike has previously played guitar with The Mighty Flashlight, Damon McMahon and Lizzie Trulie. He's currently in Soldiers Of Fortune, who also include members of Oneida, Home and Oakley Hall.

Members of Vio/Mire, Cassette Concrete, among others. Come, it's so good!

Mostly comprised of two voices, some dime store guitar, piano and the breathy squeeze of an accordion, Belly Boat is the sound of joyous inexperience; and where others drown themselves in layers of perfection, Zoe and Silvie let their rough edges charm you until you let them fall away and reveal the pop gems at their center. "


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