Monday, April 16, 2012

AMAZING SHOW this Thursday!!!

well what is this? an amazing show on THURSDAY APRIL 19th at Greenfield's best speakeasy: the art space at 1 Chevalier Ave. in Greenfield. Great performers from all over, so bring some donations. Carpool. party! 5 short solo acts, read on:

TRACEY TRANCE: US traveller with amazing fun machine organ and gremlin vocals. the inner machinations of time and space will be revealed and/or you will smile:

SON OF SALAMI: Burlignton, VT, amazing pop music played to warbled and blitzkrieged keyboard hooks on tape. Joey Pizza Slice, buy him a slice.

AMBERGRIS: Brooklyn comic artist Matthew Thurber performs anti-matter cabaret with or without visual aid. Player piano reels with lyrics about christ and

CAVE BEARS: former western Mass, currently of Maine. dada speckled mama jammies and horse people.

OLD PAM: W MA mainstay Vanessa Brewster singing like a small animal and doing it with class.

Facebook event. invite your friends:

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