Thursday, November 3, 2011

You need a clone. Also, fuck the Elevens.

OK, so, two great shows tonight, one at Flywheel & one, which was supposed to be at the ever dank & vile Elevens, has been relocated at the last minute to the wonderful Flying Object in Hadley.

Here are the deets:

At Flying Object:

Matt Krefting
Bromp Treb

At Flywheel:

7:30pm 8$
Glenn Jones
Crystalline Roses
Trevor Healy

Anyway, don't think we'll be posting any more listings for stuff at the Elevens, telling people about shows that'll get cancelled at the last minute at the whim of cretins is a waste of good people's time.  If you were thinking about trying to do an event there, might we suggest you'd be wiser to think again.  Cheers.

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