Thursday, November 3, 2011

David Shermania

Monday, November 7 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Hampshire College Leibling Center

Wasteland Utopias w/ David Sherman in person

Wasteland Utopias is a cinematic essay featuring visionary developer Del Webb (Sun City) and legendary radical psychiatrist/naturalist Wilhelm Reich (Orgone Energy). What on earth could these two possibly have in common? The sunny Sonoran Desert for one thing, a shadowy CIA Operative for another. Desert landscapes, desert soulscapes, sex, sustainability, Emotional Plague, cloudbusting, water retention, cosmic intervention—these and other relevancies link the 1950s with our present moment in surprising, and seemingly prophetic, ways.

Tuesday, November 8, 7-9PM on Smith College campus, Seelye Hall, Room 101.

Microcinemas (i.e. small cinemas) have a  creative egalitarian history that extends back to Surrealist salons in 1920's Paris; David Sherman co-founder of San Francisco's Total Mobile Home, the worlds' first microcinema, presents a unique cinema event that ardently explores a history of artist made films presented in reclaimed spaces. The essence of Microcinema as it has developed since the early 90's is a DIY movement that uses the experience of projected film & video to create participatory community, dialogue and aesthetic investigation.  This show presents media works spanning over 60 years, including  films by the artists Emily Richardson, Vanessa Renwick, David Sherman, Wayne Theibaud, Helen Hill, Kerry Laitala, George Kuchar, and more. The works in this program embody visionary personal filmmaking (many of the films are handmade and made with very modest means) and this event will conjure an inspiring  and insightful tour of the outer possibilities of cinema.

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