Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xmas in December

Still a bit amorphous, but here's what's coming at you among the signs & sigils of the festive season at One Chevalier, Greenfield, MA:

Art by Angela Zammarelli, Carrie Cavebear, Crystal Regan, D.B. Russell, J.D. Hairston, Joshua Vrysen, Lauri McNamara, Vanessa Brewster, who knows who, maybe you?

Each evening from 7:30 (tentatively):

Monday, 12/21, Summoning of the Xmas spirit, Mr. Uterus, Northpoletapes, D.B. Russell, etc. (Nick Cavebear and Ted Lee were surprise drop ins, you snooze you lose)
Tuesday, 12/22, Mexican potluck, Sord, hopefully Tumble Cat and friends, Ted Lee again with more video magic, more (turned out no Sord, no Tumble Cat, but video installation by Carrie, projections by Ted, space synth by Antrilon, awesome)
Here's Ted's Tuesday recap:

Wednesday, 12/23, Movie night, bring your popcorn, popcorn balls, popcorn chains. Projected entertainment by Ted Lee, Lisette Lopez, maybe you, maybe me? Ben Hersey might even come & scare your pants off.<-- what's actually going to happen is probably totally different than this, should still be a blast.
Thursday, 12/24, Dessert potluck, belltonesuicide, other performing artists by chance.

On Xmas itself, the spirit will probably be too powerful for the uninitiated, but let's wait & see what happens.

Have something to contribute? Want to play or bring or make more exciting Xmas artifacts? Let us know at happyninvalley at gmail, OK? Musical performances need to be on the quiet side because of neighbors, art can be as loud as you like.

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