Thursday, December 17, 2009


Saturday December 19th
Elliot St. Cafe - 134 Elliot St.
Brattleboro, VT
$3-5 plus PIZZA PARTY
6:30 or so i've been told

Really worth driving up for, and if your reading this from VT: worth hitching up the horse and buggy. got some space in my car at least: 646 761 1410

Son of Salami: yes it's a guy with a dreadhawk sing about his dick + others' dicks over prerecord casio music on a tape deck. yes it sounds stupid. maybe it is. it's also completely transcendent.

Big Kids: feral Vermont rippers (members vomit dichotomy, moscow mule). i know there are people who haven't seen this band yet (cause i've been to all their shows and you weren't there). NO EXCUSES

Chris Weisman and Greg Davis: very nice

and these other acts in various states of "maybe" or "actually playing", depending on who you talk to:

Fighting Polygon Team, Caring Babies.

expect nothing but fun. Fun and pizza.

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