Saturday, February 7, 2015

Did You Ever Want To Go To The River In February?

There is an event called the Noisecapades which is happening tomorrow. Have you been? Have you heard of it? Come on down to the river in Turners Falls around noon. Dress warm, maybe bring warm things to drink. Bring your instrument, bring your voice. People perform for five minutes and a man hits a gong. What, it's snowing? It will still be happening. Wear boots, maybe a scarf, gloves, etc. Don't dress like Ben did up top. (see above pic). Where is it? Park by the Great Falls Discovery Center in town and follow the line of people down the hill. If no people to follow, check the boot marks and listen. You'll hear us. If you are still at home and thinking of coming at 1:30, 2 pm, chances are very good you missed out.

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No Stand In Will Do said...

The top pic is the fabulous Ben Hersey in 2011, which I took from Zebu1212's youtube video. Bottom left is me and JenGel in 2013, taken by Christopher Abortus Fever and the bottom right is me last year, which I took from the video Ted made (thank you).