Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday night in Greenfield

Tonight I had a great time at a show in Greenfield. John Doe Jr is a record store where you can purchase records, books, and see cool shows. Recently Matt Robideaux has begun to curate shows here and this was the first. It is exciting to see people play good music and attract interesting crowds to town. Also, Greenfield is full of people who want to listen. Matt is lining some goodies up for these folks:

Tonight, the place got festive with people and around 9 pm the first band started, Remote Desire. There was a woman singing but I was sitting in the back room and only heard the high notes. I could definitely hear the band which had a skillful togetherness. I enjoyed the 3rd song which was a little bit spacey and a nice break from the driving rock. The drumming was unsurprising and dependable which was not a bad thing because the rest of the music was enough to ponder.

Sediment Club played next and I realized I had never heard them play before although I see the band's name often around the valley. There was a nice big crowd at the record store which waited for this band to start. I was in the crowd waiting for them to start and I realized how amazing it would be to have such an audience. They hit it pretty hard. At one point I thought I had heard them at a show in Syracuse, circa 1984. check them out:

Next was New England Patriots, a band I love and have enjoyed 3 or 4 times. 
"Song about frogs" "This is a song from Belchertown" Colby said and so they began their third song. The first three times I saw this band, I was so entranced by the vocalist, I never had a chance to pay attention to their songs but from my backstage vantage point I was able to listen and pay attention to the guitarist and drummer and the individual songs as they came at me. At one point the guitarist asked, "Should we do the new one?" "ok". After this song was done, the guitarist asked what was next and someone from the crowd said, "Do that song again!" and I enjoined, "Yeah, the new song again!" Colby smiled and said, "Do Queer and then something else."

Later, I thought about how neat and interesting it would be if they did play the song a second time in a row. But I'm an idea person and maybe they didn't have enough time. 

Zebu played with a brass section. It is hard to describe the wonderfulness. Ted sang "To Love Somebody" and wandered out into the crowd. He wrestled around with David Russell and came back singing some more. They did more songs and I would have watched and listened for another forty minutes. Viva Zebu.

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Correction: DbR reminded me that Sediment Club went on after New England Patriots.