Friday, April 11, 2014

APRIL 13th - Tom Carter // Kyle Eyre Clyd // LLILW GRAY at Feeding Tube

KYLE EYRE CLYD (New Orleans): alias Penny Royale, of The Second Sun, of Trepanner, recent collab Silver Reich II w/ Rodger Stella, past collabs Mother Earth & Wicked Rot w/ Dylan Hay
...oscillators/reels/wind organ/film...synthesizes a choir of the undead set to her re-edited version of Nosferatu

TOM CARTER (Queens, NY): new LP HALATERN, etc., former Charalambides, of eponymous duo with No Neck Blues Band's Pat Murano, of Sarin Smoke, duo with Pete Swanson
...electric guitar...spare strands of melody woven into towering long-form drones

LLILW GRAY (NYC) Keith Connolly of No Neck Blues Band, Bomb Magazine, launching HALATERN, etc. (a sublabel of Algha Marghen). Limited LPs by Clyd & Carter available at shows.

Doors at 9pm
music at 10pm 


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