Monday, March 31, 2014

Post Prima Aprilis! with Unguent, Cube, Frida Precariat, Bromp Treb, & Twixes

Post Prima Aprilis!

the day after fools day is a time for profound introspection. 
wiggling butts to busted beats & demented electronic music from the likes of:

CUBE (oakland, ca)

UNGUENT (philadephia, pa)


BROMP TREB (wmass)

TWIXES (wmass)

show will start at 8pm sharp and be over by 11:30pm.
no buts whiffs or it's. chill vibes only.

please bring:
- $$$ for the touring acts gas (also buy merch!)
- a date
- a friend
- one ambiguous desire

Chicoine Subzone
648 riverside drive
florence, ma

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