Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Migrations In Rust (Record Release), John Mannion, Diaphragm, Ben Kudler

Friday December 6th 2013 Flywheel 8 PM

Record Release show for "Two Shadows" released in November on NNA Tapes 


Migrations In Rust - I will be performing cuts from "Two Shadows" LP which was recently released on NNA Tapes. This will be the 2nd of only three performances to support this release and will feature a visual accompaniment.
About the record; "...Orchestral landscapes blend with rustling concrete textures, settling in a purgatory between melancholy bleakness and slow-burning serenity. Each second is densely packed with incredible detail and carefully-layered instrumentation, crafted with an expansive palette of acoustic, electronic, and naturally-occurring sound sources. Amorphous melodic passages travel with well-paced fluidity from one idea to the next, producing a dream-like narrative. At times placid and evocative, “Two Shadows” also has a tendency to teeter on the edge of powerful ferocity, sometimes brewing with crackling fury while tastefully maintaining the restraint not to explode into outright violence." This performance exhibits a culmination of many many months of work.

John Mannion - Coming up from NY, master box fan instrumentalist, old friend, composer and Jack in the pulpit of some other dimension.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTsGQwNi3xU

Diaphragm - The Hill's Eye's Nick Pace beckons you with the hard ripened fruits of his labor. As if books inscripted with timbre somehow culled from eras not yet explored were being read aloud in front of you and the sounds themselves began operating the different joints and mechanisms of some heretofore unknown machine. Enter the mold mans mind, its a strange and gorgeous place in there.

Ben Kudler - Away for so long, hes come back to us, this kud in the mist. psychotic footwork modulated through digital maelstrom, field recording fuckery and a focused/intense distance. bouncing back and forth between the academy the gutter. truly deranged.

DJ'ed by the always reliable Cameron Brown

NNA Tapes may be in the house selling their wares as well!

This show is sure to be insane, brimming with high quality experimental music from around the area. please come. After party TBA

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