Friday, October 4, 2013

fresh erratic for the bookmill tonight

PHANTOM ERRATIC #5: concentrated concentrations by rushing water

Ieke Trinks
Ben Hersey
Shea Mowat
interstitial jams by Servitor Soundsystem

FRI OCTOBER 4, 2013.  
8PM. $7-10. ALL AGES. 
The Montague Bookmill

some autumn this turned out to be.  it just so happens that my friend Ieke Trinks is in town and it seemed appropriate to make an event of it.  so here we are.  Three solo sets and a pleasant boombox-smudging by the Servitor Soundsystem Djs.  
All at the lovely Bookmill.

Dutch performance artist Ieke Trinks cultivates awkward energy with minimalist exercises in curiosity and reduction.  Her relatively simple actions transform mundane activities into abstract rituals of absurdity.  This year she has carried river water in a teaspoon through the streets of Istanbul and directed a chorus of people counting down seconds in Rotterdam.  She has collaborated with an astounding array of people from all over the world and is a regular member of this rad all-gal performance art "band" called Trickster.  Did I already say that she came all the way from The Netherlands?

Ben Hersey is a poet of words and gesture who spills four loko on your marshall halfstack and crushes your favorite foods in his fat man-fist.  A master of perversely attuned characterization and unplugged amplification his performances are a mix of hilariously tortured internal monologues and acrobatic facial slapstick.  If you follow him down the rabbit-hole you will be rewarded.  He lives in a small city just north of the Tofu Curtain.

A collagist and chance operator with a funny sense of rhythm, Shea Mowat composes with stacks of wood, moldy wool blankets, and crumpled bits of aluminum flashing.  He leads ad hoc orchestras off sonic cliffs with his sonorous tenor and the loveable enthusiasm of a deranged camp councilor.  He resides in a small western mass village, but still bleeds blueberry.

....please carve out time in your cramped schedule to join us:

also, the 2014 PESKEOMSKUT NOISECAPADES will be announced FIVE (5) days before the show, when the river is frozen.  stay tuned

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