Monday, August 20, 2012


Who says there are no shows in Brattleboro?

Friday, August 31st from 6-11 pm in the Luminz Studio (74 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro)
Secret Lover
Needy Visions
Great Valley 
Egg Eggs 
followed by...
DJ Stegga
DJ Wejey
DJ Misha Mross

Saturday, September 1st... 

late morning carnival and art show - 11:30 - 1:30 in the alley next to Frankie's Pizza on Eliot Street
Compliment & Affirmation booth! 
Haircuts from the future!
Belly dancing!
Bike tune-ups!
Astrology & Tarot!

from 2-5 pm (acoustic sets) location TBA:
Wolly Mar
Luke Jawbone
Allison Appell
Michael Schneeweis
Shea Witzo
Jeremy Latch
Clyde Conwell
Ruth Garbus

& 6 pm at the Stone Church (Main Street, Brattleboro):
Danny Bissette & Christina Schneider
Crank Sturgeon
Guerilla Toss
Happy Jawbone
Pete Bernhard

Sunday, September 2nd from 1-10 pm at 359 Bunker Road in Dummerston
Shots Fired
Nun Cunt
Circle Circle
Long Vera
Dolly Waglers
The Final Frontiers 
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth 
RPM Puppet Conspiracy
If Not I Then Who Then
Foole's Pewtr
Loud Sect
The Terribles

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One Kind Favor said...

Brattleboro will have it's yearly dose of 3 live events all in one weekend! don't miss it cause no one will book a show till next summer!