Saturday, May 26, 2012


Ello, dere chap. shine ya shoes for a kwater?? naw, den? okay, sholdyer, how about stunted fractured hemerige muzik from ell ey?
ahhh, yes den govena. on ya weigh den, senator Qui Gon

Muzik at the object, that flys. like crows, friends.

Pedestrian Deposit:
Ell Ey fur trappers with hacked trondos and little reaches. considered electronics and trapdoor acouzmatics. get leprechaun off his ass, and see how slow the whole thing goes. stopping to take a sip of gringo salsa and push the sounds up, up, and out

What's a forrest look like in HD you axe? Well talk your axe to this forrest cuz dude can barely stand as it is. I can stand him, in small dosages. well then take a does and listen to blistery scrumped country-electronic blurred dussages.---recycled addition

GW Myers:
I gotta be myered in your levels of shit, Janis?? Tony, i'm merely pointing on that small levels of dance material presented without layers coming on top put rather transforming into drones or gritty beltway beats can do sumtin for ya. he's a creature of the beltway

Luminous In Nummer:
it's me dumb ben! "press play already"-- Jeff Hartford

if you got the time, Guy's got the wine. should be "fun"

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