Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swamp Folk and Raw Electronics w. Terrors, Max Eilbacher, Salamander Wool, and Horse Bladder

If you tryina get your twamps sack on and poppin grab your gringo melons and hit the Rush SAVINGS SHACK

74 Russell St.
8 PM


What's a forrest look like in HD you axe? Well talk your axe to this forrest cuz dude can barely stand as it is. I can stand him, in small dosages. well then take a does and listen to blistery scrumped country-electronic blurred dussages.

Max Eilbacher:
I wrote this for homeboy before and jus lookd at the e-mail today so it's back from the grave. Quoting myself: "compact casings of tweedled and stiched together sound. Solo electronic twiddiling of the old school variety and old school means old SCHOOL. Dudes in suits flipping on the oscillators and finding out what happens, an experiment. Remember experimental? well, when there's more control, but improv is still in the pictcha, and it's 50 years later, the nob turning has to taken on another form. Loud, crunched, expanisive and sharp. Tones fiddle out and are swallowed up whole by new sonic rays and lines, some clear, some zapped and turgid. Clean and fast but beaten down and slow enough to hear the pregnant pauses or shattered blips that give the compositions shape."

Salamander Wool:
A daily dose of Carson. dope jams of multi frequent value points to isoaceleesse to please my keys. If you touch your knees and like fake-o dance music that also gets into a plethora of sounds and shapes all electronic leaning,, but also with the feeling, get it?

Horse Bladder:
Darkened songs sung of total conquest. A confidant for the confident. wayward beats but mostly sung cheats. A bastian for those wanting to cuddle up and listen to that thing we talk about....duhg, guh, "songs"

Luminous in Nummer:
cha boi almost 4got to heave. I dry heave when I brush my teeth. I'ma rip a short one. House muzik all day. it's me dumb ben

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