Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Night of Intense Computer Noise and More: Keroaan, Luminous in Nummer, White Limo

Light bright Satan's utter delight, brings you a fright nigt, of ,crikey, might.


Okay, it's come to my attention that I write these descriptions "kind of funny" and a bit "anti-semitic" --J.Kudler but I'mma break fo my mayn man Keroaan
Incredible thick spastic noise spray. Like Free Jazz Merzbow. The sounds are are all so pronounced and thick like a million lines of sound all clashing together but not covering each other up or destroying one another. All of the layers of the are sounds present and accounted and blur together to create new sounds, but not in the psychedelic beautiful bendy lines way. Keroaan is harsh as fuck. Total intense spray of bad ass darkness, but not in the least bit skuzzy, clean noise...oh and they have lasers and lights going making for an intense all encompassing experience. Now for the part not about sound: Keroaan is the name of the "artificial intelligence" program designed by Ian Fraser and Reed Rosenberg. The dudes are not present when they spit this shit. They merely turn on the AI and it plays the piece without any human interference. Incredible

White Limo--
well what's left to say about this group of tree. Ol' school farmers with a szwayze steeze? Mustaches, pizzas and fighting feet all a gore and ghastly glumps of pastie sound from a variety of fickle sources. Can you pickle a fickle?? well if you KON, then these dogs do it. local slammers wit fists of beats that don't boom and noises that chrizen real "dancin" the kind you do in the "dark." members of fat worm of error tumble cat poof poofey poof and hairspray.

Luminous In Nummer:
it's me dumb ben!! new tois come out for dis one. YOU JUST GOT HIT WITH A WORLD WIDE EXCLUSIVE. AFFILIATES!

goin be fun Media Mansion the place to run. boogey down, ill DJs, keg stands, beanies with brims, late night ""optional"" pin the tail on your homie contest

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