Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phantom Erratic #3: songs films

JASON MARTIN (songs/wilderness)
JODIE MACK (beserko collage animations on 16mm film!)
BUNWINKIES (wmass folksy weirdos now TF residents!)

8pm sharp. $6. all ages.

The Brick House
24 3rd st
Turners Falls, MA

he sometimes arrives ready for action in a spandex wolfman costume, but usually delivers clear tunes & memorable performances. his latest recording on the Yeay! Plastics recording label is now out & we are celebrating. it's about time, multidimensionality, control, measurement, captain beefheart, & romans.

makes incredible collage animations on 16mm film. she also sings, shouts, raps & makes other noises with her face. if the weather agrees with us, she will be here in person, showing film prints. if it doesn't, we'll watch some selections on the video-dohickey. let's cross our fingers for clear weather, cos she's a swell person!

fresh to turners falls, this band o' freakers play pretty songs & turn up the sweet. their new LP just dropped from Feeding Tube Records & can be observed digitally here:

also, i shot this "music video" from a performance of theirs at ye olde Mystery Train:

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