Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Container (ex-God Willing), Unicorn Hard-On, Laser Poodle, Moemlien, GW Meyers

All WAY TOO OFTEN WEsteRN MaSS feels like the little town from that brand new Kenny Wormald movie FOOTLOOSE. You all know the story, lil citi Ren come and they say Dancin aint allowed in this town, because some kid died dancing or something??? Well, if you wanna break down these NO DANCIN LAWS we got in place IRL in the VALLEY and find freedom friday night, dis other dude REN is coming through with his new project CONTAINER. It's some heavy techno be-lee--u-me--- Also with him is the always great Unicorn Hard-On, Laser Poodle, and Moemlien, both from Europe where they don't have our antiquated dancin laws. ohh and as if that wasn't enouggghhhh uhhh George MEyers is opening things up. czech the stats

8:00 PM
Hampshire College Dining Commons

solo electronic wizardry that doesn't ask but tells you to leave your mind at the coat check and freak all.
see for YOURSELF

Unicorn Hard-On
Sole female electrono econo SLAYYYERR. She shines down with optimum rays and keeps the party a bit femineat. Shows the ladies they can rock 'troniks too!

Lazer Poodle
Euro Hooligans who stepped over the pond to lay down the austere optimum healing of up all night platitudes and wake up never PURE EURO CLEAR HEADE LIFESTYLE


Amsterdam female songbirdess souring HIGH above the cafe to create whirling doves of grace

GW Meyers:

you know him from the basement on SAT nights, his house on some other nites, and the movie theater if your lucky. The unqualified but must be mayor of Northampton, rips a new projjie that fucks heavy with the dance masquerade and the solemn lofi dubstep vibes of chillen. goodstuff holmes.

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