Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brattleboro at the bookmill

first a plea for all you event organizers in western MA: please post your shit on here, a lot of show goers don't have fecebook and that shit isn't public! if you don't have access contact zphillips@gmail and I'll personally hoist your flag

Friday September 30th, 8pm, $6, probably a short show!

from the bookmill website:


Blanche Blanche Blanche are Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips from Brattleboro VT
we have been playing together since 2007 in the past year we have made five albums of songs using tape machines
based on musical counterpoints of keyboard bass and singing and attitudinal counterpoints of intention, decision, improvisation, jokes, seriousness, perfectionism, resignation, expression and obfuscation
we will be playing songs from our latest album "Our Place"
see OSR Tapes

Kurt Weisman is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Vermont. He has recorded and performed critically aclaimed music under his own name and with the collective Feathers. Poems, songs, solo guitar, electronic experiments, synth or trombone improvisions, and an occasional mental breakdown are all possiblilities at his exciting and engaging concerts. “Weisman leaves no stone unturned in exploring his palette of sounds, and, superfluous to say, it all amounts to endlessly fascinating ear candy.” -Tiny Mix Tapes

Chris Weisman: "This which is not so strange is the more used and in there kindly being a face there is more resemblance than if it were written and then comes the time to look and there it is, there is the writing." Gertrude Stein.

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