Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WACKY WEDNESDAY part a million

So there are three shows going on this Wednesday. Good news is (at least if you don't have a job, work from home, or simply have the day off) you can go to at least two.

first off
at 12 NOON at mystery train records in 178 a N. Pleasant St. Amherst we have:
Spykes (J. Olson of Wolf Eyes) and Family Battle Snake (Berlin)

then two evening options:

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #a million $5 9pm
at the Rendezvous 78 3rd st Turners Falls
Ambergris (music project of famed comics artist Matthew Thurber)
Lo-Res Peppers (Cherry Blossoms side project)
DJ Abby Banks (of Big Kids, Tinderbox, Punk House fame)
Lecture by Maria Danielson (co owner of John Doe Jr. Records)
this is probably the friendliest brain exchange ever!


Ducktails (the word "hypnagogic" was practically invented to describe his music)
Spectre Folk (pete nolan of magik markers)
Big Trouble
Eric Crapton (tim sheldon of fat worm of error)
@ Flywheel Arts Collective
43 Main St.
$6 or $ 7 ?????

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