Saturday, May 1, 2010



The Conformists ( - In 2000 they were nominated for the Riverfront Times' "best punk band" category. They were, however, not asked to play the showcase event for reasons undisclosed, so they in turn rented a generator and a flatbed truck and played on it while they drove up and down the Delmar Loop back and forth past the showcase. They are arguably one of the greatest bands of all time.

Passe Montagne ( - On tour from France (!!!) with the Conformists. Awesome math rock.

Old Man Lee (half of - Local wildman time-traveling both from the past and the future simultaneously.

Yak Snot ( - Insanely tight two-piece math rockers from space.

Outdates ( - Their show at the Flywheel got canceled that night... so now they're playing this one! Woo hoo!

+ a secret band...


665 West St.
Amherst, MA

8:00 pm SHARP, motherfuckers.

$5-7. Seriously. Frenchmen.

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