Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Potentially the last show at Grey Matter Books is Tonight!

Crazy Dreams Band
Matt Valentine
Cave Bears

SIX BUCKS for the show, which gets rolling at eight thirty

Grey Matter Books 47 East St. in Hadley, MA

some recent Crazy Dreams Band Press:

members/collaborators/related projects include Lexie Mountain Boys, Mouthus, Religious Knives, Ruins. Lexie Mountain and The Crazy Dreams Band have two LPs on Holy Mountain, and a tape on Ecstatic Peace. From Baltimore.

(Crazy Dreams Band's) new one is somehow twice as massive, made up of four long and heavy songs, recorded very live, that not only tighten, hone, and refine the previous approach but also expand it upward and outward into confidently blossoming riff suites and carefully controlled and sustained emotional surges. These songs are epics, and not of any genre... BLASTITUDE #28

New menace rager from CRAZY DREAMS BAND of Baltimore, one of contemporary American rock n roll’s most exciting live frontpersons, Lexie Macchi (Lexie Mountain Boys). New album WAR DREAMS, three 8-minuteish songs (including “Feels So Good”) plus an epic side 2—that is, the way album’s are supposed to be constructed—cover pictured below, just out from the dependably tasty Holy Mountain. ARTHUR MAGAZINE

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