Thursday, April 22, 2010


Vialka - "hail from deepest France, via everywhere and nowhere. They are a devilishly high-spirited guitar/drums duo who tour hard and fast across the world. Their music skips joyfully across borders, channeling desert blues, Chinese folk songs, scatter rock and European gypsy song dynamics in a whirlwind of dervish energy. Their endless gypsy punk folk rock tales, hard hitting poly-rhythms and yelps and howls make for a danceable and intoxicating brew. Like A Hawk And A Hacksaw or The Ex their openness to new sounds and cultures makes you feel alive and shows that 'world punk rock' need not be a dirty phrase."

Horse Spirit Penetrates - Western Mass free guitar drums explosion

Rotten Apples - ex Dreamhouse, Bone Rattle

Isa Christ - noise prophet (NY)

Kyle Clyde - she does halogen lights through guitar pickups. yes! (NY)

maybe more bands...
bring some money
come at 8:30

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