Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey, tonight Friday April 9

At Grey Matter Books in Hadley:

Flower / Corsano Duo -- full metal shit storm for percussion and electric japan ban-jo, Mick Flower and Chris Corsano materialize like sweet sister ray out of the mist at the intersection of shiatsu and slapstick. it's a heady pair-up that brings together two fully formed players who've honed it for and with everyone from Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunburned Hand of the Man to Joe McPhee and Bjork.

MV&EE -- a spoonful of seedy haikus with a McNeill's chaser.

Noho Wools vs. Tarp -- Nace / Moore / Capistran / Burkett or some subset of the above: modified circuitry from leftover components...will never be undersold!

satisfaction guaranteed -- show starts after 8, and it's $7 admission

To reiterate this is at UMass.

And, at One Chevalier in Greenfield:

Vio/Miré: “A promising composer and musical thinker.”
-Dan Warner, Editor of Audio Culture

“Pure, simple, and instantly beautiful...”

Vio/Miré is, essentially, Providence, RI's Brendan Glasson. His consistently affecting music spans from pop/folk to ambient sound art to chamber music. His instrumentation is similarly wide-ranging and sophisticated. Glasson is often accompanied by a rotating cast of string players, clavichordists, and singers.

Glasson toured with Sigur Ros on their 2008 US tour as a member of the Icelandic octet Parachutes. As Vio/Miré, he’s played with dozens of different artists including Ramona Cordova, Deer Tick, Eva Luna, Annuals, Bee Mask, Black Swans, Cassette Concrete, Chris Paddock, Dreadful Tawns, Expecting Rain, Lewis and Clarke, Liz Isenberg, Noble Lake, Ra Ra Riot, Tall Pines, and the Whigs. Vio/Miré also played at the 2007 Gladtree Festival along with Thurston Moore, Jack Rose, MV+EE, J. Mascis, and others.

Liz Isenberg:

“This is really gorgeous stuff”
-Dave Howell, President of Fat CatRecords

“A rare talent with a keen sense for
melody and a beautiful voice.”

Raised in the shadow of our nation’s capital, Liz Isenberg polished her sonic craftswomanship in western Massachusetts before tentatively settling in Providence, Rhode Island. The multifaceted nature of her songwriting is informed by a delicately balanced musical sensibility and is supported by her multi-instrumentalism; her recordings and performances showcase her versatility as a guitarist, string bassist, vocalist, and micro-korg enthusiast.

Liz has toured extensively throughout the U.S. Recently, she has accompanied Deer Tick on nationwide tours, acting as guest vocalist. Her performance resume also includes shows with Kimya Dawson, Mirah, The Blow, Mount Eerie, Little Wings, and many others.
Chris Paddock:

he wrote: "These Old Shoes"

Trials & Tribulations will be backed up by members of merene. they will be performing an acoustic set!

This last show is free, donations appreciated.

So shut up about how bored you are, K?

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