Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brett's second annual KC d-day ball!

At Brett & Ryan's place in Easthampton. email BRT625 @ GMAIL if you don't know where it is!

fantastically diverse line-up!

Come see unsuspecting and/or blatant tributes to the dead hero of misanthropic pre-teens everywhere (c. 1996) !!!

hosted by the biggest fan/nerd east of Aberdeen!

Time to start around, oh, let's "say" 6pm-7pm.

Louder acts earlier, or whatever.

Come sit! Come see! Come sit comfortably!

This is a more song-oriented bill than the abode has witnessed before, but don't let that deter you!

Check it out:

THOMAS NOLA ET LUI-MÊME (fr. Boston via Morocco)
Boys List (fr. Providunce !)
Rev. Reacharound & Sister Sleepsaround (fr. Tinkerbell AFB via Worcesteria)
Feverus Abortus (fr. esh out of the mental hospital!)
Slippyboy (fr. Portland ME - a radioactive prostitute solitary endeavor!)
Rack Rash (really!)
Old Man Lee (i bet you've seen him hobbling around...)
Brett & Ryan (homeowners in some capacity, even if it's just general chatter)
+ more!!!

you'll be there?

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