Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tonight at Sierra Grill(e)

Dan writes:

"Hiya ev'rbody!

A little while back Mark Sheehan, the impresario of the Sierra Grille, floated the notion of lining up a Manor-esque bill over yonder on Strong St. A few days later Viking Moses and Redwing Blackbird separately dropped me lines hoping to set up some gigs and, well, I think you know where this is going....

Yes, it gives me great pleasure to announce that tomorrow night (Thursdee) the following folks'll be appearing at the Sierra Grille:

Viking Moses - Mr. Brendon Massei has touched countless lives since dropping out of high school to pursue musical life on the road. Not only has he collaborated with such folks as Vetiver, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Nat Baldwin, Paul Oldham, Greg Weeks, Otto Hauser and countless others, he was also there to bring Jana Hunter on her first tour and gave John McCaulley III a full-blown case of tour AIDS. Joining him on this swing through western MA will be the eternally charming Ms. Laura Goetz of Golden Ghost. Serious soul shall abound!

Redwing Blackbird - Composed of the core duo of one Austin Wright/Eric Gagne and accompanied by an ever shifting array of musical friends, RWBB will manifest itself as a quartet this outing. You may be pleased to learn that Christine Hayward, who melted hearts and loins at the Manor last month, will be lending her voice to the cause on this outing. And there'll Jeff Murphy's standup bass stylings rounding out the mix. Huzzah!

Out Like Lambs - I don't know much about these cats, but they hail from New Jersey and, from the sounds of it, they'll kick out some expansive jams.

Tongue Oven - Me, Desi and Mark Hanson (Hornworm, Jow Jow, Supreme Dicks, Bunwinkies) will redfine the meaning of folk power trio before your very ears. It's also rumored that one Ms. Candace Hope will be lending some newfound cello skills to the mix.

Show starts at 10 sharp and it's 3 bux at the door.

You can find the shindig at 41 Strong St., Northampton

See you tomorry!


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