Monday, March 29, 2010

TO Valley or NOT TO VALLEY (feeding tube vs EMPAC) (EHO vs TROY) (Silk Flowers vs Josephine Foster)


Show at Feeding Tube in Easthampton:
Silk Flowers
Infinite Body
Watering Can

OR if you feel like changing it up & leaving the valley:

New Nothing: Josephine Foster & Victor Herrero
Friday, April 2, 8 PM
Concert Hall

In the final New Nothing of the season, two unusual composer/performers offer different, lush takes on the construction the song. Josephine Foster (“a Grace Slick for the 21st century” - Arthur magazine) transforms the spartan poems of Emily Dickinson with her otherworldly soprano. And Victor Herrero performs his wordless songs for the Spanish guitar.

Two sample videos
Josephine Foster:
Victor Herrero:

Josephine Foster bio:
Josephine Foster is a singer-songwriter from Colorado whose music evokes everything from opera to Tin Pan alley to the folk music of what Greil Marcus calls “the old weird America.” Her albums include There Are Eyes Above (2000), Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You (2005),This Coming Gladness (2008), and Graphic as a Star (2009), a song-cycle based on the poems of Emily Dickenson.
YouTube - Videos from this email

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