Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fried Day

Hey y'all so this Friday there are a couple of cool things going on in the local environs. At Grey Matter Books, the Urchestra will be throwing down some experimental jams along with poetry readings and an open-mic. The Urchestra, somewhat of an open mic itself (bring your gear), is dedicated to the idea of a couple of vocalists performing Kurt Schwitters Ursonata (a sonata for voice) with a whole bunch of arbitrary noise going on above and below it. A real fun time! That's 47 East St. in Hadley if you've never been to the store, which is seeming more and more unlikely as more and more amazing shows are getting booked there. 7pm

You're other option is to take the horribly long trek (one hour from Northampton - think of it as the distance of two brain exchanges) out to Great Barrington, MA to see The Bunnybrains, Cave Bears, Grasshopper and Slasher Risk. "Why", you might ask,"would I want to do that"? Well besides relishing the opportunity of the Bunnybrains to make you supremely uncomfortable, and getting to see the last Cave Bears show for a while (Carrie is moving to Baltimore), Grasshopper and Slasher Risk are some seriously mean bands. Grasshopper is a Trumpet and Electronics duo who creates a cutting haze of tiny knives that lingers in the air until it is suddenly gone, taking your skin with it. I think they told me that the revamped E.S.P. disk is putting out a CD for them and I believe it! Slasher Risk is a guitar/guitar, guitar/drums, drums/drums duo that holds feedback seances that instantly draw the audience in both as a spectator and participant. Nobody came to see these two bands when they played in Greenfield back in November and now you have the chance to rectify your foolishness by traveling even farther. It's all going down at the Bat Barn, 275 State Rd. Great Barrington, MA 8pm.

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