Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Eve at Hope & Olive

In 1985 DJ Andujar was in sixth grade and still dreaming about losing his virginity. It's closing in on 2010 and he's also lost his mind: he'll be revisiting the stone-washed decade for the endtimes of this most recent one, the Bio-Tech decade. Yes, 2010 is glowing brightly in front of us with an illuminating embrace on a New England night. Yes, just another January 1st, 2010. Let's make it in style...mullets, MTV, friendship pins, painted buildings, A Flock of Seagulls.

We're hosting a New Year's Eve party with the Hope & Olive in Greenfield. Come for some amazing food and drinks (menu here), and stay for some 80s jams. Calling it "Wild Planet", DJs Andujar and 12XU will have some deep crates of 80s vinyl on hand for this decade's final booty shake. We'll be throwing down new wave, electro, pop and hip-hop, with some fun surprises as well! Of course we'll have the MJ, Madonna and Prince, but how about also Joy Division, the Smiths, the B-52's, Rob Base, Rick James...all on vinyl. What's your request?

The Hope & Olive has a full bar, an expansive menu and a dance floor ready for you. Located in downtown Greenfield (44 Hope St, corner of Olive), the Hope & Olive has blessed Franklin County with one of the friendliest and choicest spots for fine beer, a superb wine list and a menu with an appreciation for local growers. There is plenty of free parking and the night will be right.

Make your reservations for dinner or come down for the dance party. The records roll at 10 and will go till 2. No cover charge for this party.

(photo by jesse c. reed)

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