Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet Exorcist...This Coming Friday with Guests DJs 12XU and Victor

We'll be returning Friday the 13th, 10pm to the People's Pint, downtown Greenfield for our monthly all-vinyl bash. DJ B-COMING is out of town still, so Andujar and Snack Attack will be joined by DJ 12XU and WMUA's Victor Signore (Tabula Rasa). It's free, all ages (21+ to drink), all vinyl and starts at 10pm. Ends at 1. Kitchen closes at 10 so come early to eat.

(click poster to see it big)

Grooves: funk, soul, afro, bugalĂș, rocksteady, garage, maybe a l'il psych, maybe a l'il hiphop, maybe a l'il punk...we'll see!

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poster by George Myers, who has a new podcast episode up here.

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