Friday, October 2, 2009

Grey Matter Books Show

The first show at Hadley's cavernous Grey Matter Books will be on Tuesday October Sixth at 8pm and it's a really good one. 47 East St. Hadley, MA. Bring some $

Exusamwa - From Boston: Fat Day folks, and you could say Ex-Life Partners, but really, didn't you just call Life Partners "that band that Angela is in"? they totally stole the May Brain Exchange, and that's saying a lot cause Chris Corsano headlined.

Fat Worm of Error - if you remember them, and if they remember their songs.

Two-Prong with Deep Weirdo - featuring member of Horse Spirit Penetrates: Eli with Will "707" Berney and Scott "TRS-80" Rideout

maybe a surprise opener

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