Wednesday, October 21, 2009

barn owl, belltonesuicide, layne garrett - grey matter books nov.5

Barn Owl
Layne Garrett

Grey Matter Books
47 East St., Hadley
Thursday Nov.5 - 8pm
5$ suggested donation

Details about the performers:
"Who is Barn Owl? Barn Owl is a trio of noodlin' doods - namely, Chris Cooper on prepared guitar/electronics, Andy Crespo on super-farty-squeeky bass, and Matt Weston (a chicago transplant!) percussion/electronics. They make good squiggly crakle raking improv noises - Crank Satori put out their 3" CD - and, finally, i think they're gettin' the credit they deserve, i mean, they've been around a while, and it seemed nobody gave a fuck. i was gonna rant here, but i think this'll suffice - let's just remember, 'Barn Owl = good.'" (-Neil Youg interview with Blastitude)

Layne Garrett works with found objects, found sounds, guitars, and self-built instruments. Recorded output ranges from assemblage-drenched americana to a new cd of improvisations on guitar and prepared guitar; a disc of improvised duos (with Scott Allison, Christian Brady, Ryan Jewell, Janel Leppin, Sam Lohman, Anthony Pirog, and Jenny Tucker) is on the way shortly on Sockets Records. Solo performances have lately hovered in the heady realm of improvised explorations on buzzed-out prepared resonator guitar and homemade light-sensitive electronics. Other recent activities include: organizing a large-scale tape-loop intervention in Rock Creek Park (Washington DC), hosting shows at the Lighthouse in DC, and completing several construction projects, including a version of Glenn Branca's harmonics guitar, a set of hanging car-metal gongs in the shape of a map of the USA, and a large freestanding playable structure about which a collaborator said: "man i would really love to play that big baby for 12 hours straight it is obviously a meditation key."

Formed in 1998 as GAT-384. Released two tapes and did 3 or four shows before changing the name to Belltonesuicide officially in summer 1999. In 2000 recorded at Larry's Bar & Grill, in Branford, CT with Gerard Gerard. Most of those recordings came out on a cassette released by Crucial Blast in 2001. Around that time, I released a split/collaboration CDR with Abortus Fever and another CDR called "Fight For Silence." 2002 was when I met the Breaking World Records folks, and talked them into releasing "Shastokovitch is The Devil" in 2003. In 2003 played a bunch of shows around the area, and one in Kentucky. First tour=failed. In 2004 and 2005, kept gigging up and down the Pioneer Valley. Put out a bunch of CDRs and one tape. Was very bad at networking. Mostly due to college and not having money. In 2006, I put out 4 CDRs to start off the year, then just gigged once a month or so, usually in Bridgeport at NEST. In 2007, got serious again once I started having more money and time since I wasn't taking classes. Go hooked up with The Ear The Eye The Arm (old friends from the Old Store/Flywheel days) who offered to take Brett and I on a three hour, I mean week, tour. And that is how we landed on Gilligan's Island.

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