Thursday, September 17, 2009

good god, more doodles than can fit in your basket!

holy crap, what's this i hear? RICHARD HELL reading friday nite at grey matter books in hadley? i think so:

furthermore, byron sends this news, additions to this weekend's undertakings, rsvp with him here: websales AT
bit of a last minute announcement, but what the hex?

this sunday, september the 20th, at 8:00, we will be presenting an evening of music & yawp, featuring three fine artists.

1. the sound of pot (solo work by the more bearded half of tarp, conrad capistran). we are imagining solo electronics, visually abetted by silent films from the early 20th century.

2. herb diamante (who resembles the great english rural revolutionary, john godbert, in many important ways) will sing along with films and musics and flubs

3. head of wantastiquet (the great expatriate paul labrecque, either solo or almost solo) will tingle yr ears with sweet strings.

if i can get my head out of my ass, there will be food of some sort at 7, with music to follow at 8. there will be seltzer & cheap beer on hand as well, and it would be nice if people felt like donating $5, all of which will go to the musicians. who are fucking starving, man.

then, monday the 21st, because joshua burkett (the less bearded half of tarp) is playing at elevens with samara lubleski that night, we will be starting matt's movie monday early -- 7:00. this will allow peeps to get to the club before the silver twang of the great joshua rends the air like beast language.

the movie this evening will be richard sarafian's 'vanishing point" (1971). the film stars barry newman, although cleavon little as the blind dj "super soul" is kind of a scene stealer. regardless, this remains one of the best existential car chase movies of all-time, and features great placement of mountain's "mississippi queen." interestingly, matt himself will not be on hand this evening, as he will be touring with sunburned who are playing albany that night. check their myspace for details.

also, the following friday september 25, i will be doing a reading at issue project room in brooklyn. i'll be decanting material from "dominoes" my as yet unfinished novel about record collectors. the rumble of my voice will be accompanied by guitarist loren connors. also on the bill, reading, will be my old editor, andy schwartz, who ran new york rocker back in the day. should be a fun night. supposed to start at 8.

if you need info on directions, check the site. and space is often limited, so if you are planning to come, it's really good if you could drop a line, especially if i'm cooking.


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