Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Rub Wrongways Records Presents WRONGWAYS TUESDAYS
a free weekly concert series at The Elevens in Northampton

Tuesdays in September

Rub Wrongways Records, a Northampton based indie/pop record label, brings its artists and others to a free concert showcase every Tuesday in September. Each evening will feature three acts. The first will be a brief three-song set by a duet, the second will be a short half-hour set by a Rub Wrongways band, and the third will be a slightly longer show by another act.

The shows are all early with doors opening at 7:00. Henning Ohlenbusch from Rub Wrongways says, “We are putting on free early concerts so that people who can’t make it out to later rock shows have a chance to get to know our artists. Also, at the time, the club can really focus on creating a listening and music appreciating atmosphere that is harder to do with the late-night slots.”

The September line-up is as follows:

Tuesday #1: Sept. 1 - Henning and Max, Sitting Next To Brian, Tasha Yar

Tuesday #2: Sept. 8 - Brian Marchese and Thane Thomsen, Salvation Alley String Band, Josh Crane

Tuesday #3: Sept. 15 - Jason Bourgeois and Ryan Quinn, The Fawns, Goldwater

Tuesday #4: Sept. 22 - TBA, School for the Dead, Nuclear Waste Management Club

Tuesday #5: Sept. 29 - Lesa Bezo and Henning, Jason Bourgeois Band, Matt Silberstein Band

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