Monday, June 15, 2009

Id M Theft Able, Cave Bears, Bromp Treb


This is to be the release of a beauteous 180 gram slab of grooved vinyl from Easthampton's Feeding Tube Records. The object is comprised of two parts music, one part art: *one part Maine's yeti of the responsive & electrified table-top: Id M Theft Able *one part Turners Falls/Brattleboro hollerers Cave Bears *one part impeccable screen printed art by Brooklyn's own Matthew Thurber (big whup?). Actually he did one side for each 'band' so that's two parts too. These acts are going to totally play their sides EXACTLY the way they are, so you should really come and listen and then buy the record and then find out which parts were, you know the same and which parts were, like, totally different. There will also be another *part which will be a set by BROMP TREB at the show where you can get this record...Did I mention this was a show at Mystery Train Records. THIS SHOW HAS FIVE PARTS PEOPLE! SIX O' CLOCK

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