Friday, May 15, 2009

2 show listings!

when: May 22 9pm
where: The Elevens (140 Pleasant St. Northampton MA)
THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS - "sad songs about running away to, and from, cold geographic locations."

SLOWEST RUNNER - " intricate, rollercoaster sort of noise, noise that spits and buzzes and murmurs and trills, and to create it, they use cello, piano, cymbals, bass, guitar, harmonica, and long, spiraling electronic loops."

HADOKEN - ". . .contemplative; this ensemble rise and fall with grace, and dwell thoughtfully, meditatively within each step of each journey. careful and pleasant at times, violent and hair-raising at others"

DUST SAVIOR (ella longpre) - murder chain gang gospel. Emotionally exhausting and bittersweet. If Flannery O' Connor was a corn-husk-voiced songsmith... well I guess it probably wouldn't sound like this.

THE ACCIDENT THAT LED ME TO THE WORLD - clarinet-upright bass-guitar-banjo Appalachia tinged with an underlying grimness, always threatening to spiral out of control, but somehow always kept barely at bay...

5 bux

when: May 25 9pm
where: The Elevens (140 Pleasant Street Northampton, MA)

TRACHYPITHECENE ENTITY - lofty Portland, ME gobbling. "roughness, spewed forth by a post-ape, warped, convoluted regurgitations of predetermined musical antimatter."

SYLPHID - Twitching beats and twinkling dreamscapes fashioned from soda cans, celery sticks, broken lampshades, analog synths, xylophones, glockenspiel and whatever else they feel like bringing

HORNWORM - the itchy sound of being quietly, slowly, eaten from the inside out. A rare live set from Dan Kandel.

TWENTY-THREE - breathlessly minimal but somehow kaleidoscopic web of icy, throbbing. Foreboding but captivating. Think Philip Glass circa Koyaanisqatsi

THE AWFUL DIN - fuzzed out nostalgia. The sound of bittersweet memories, all rough edges rounded and smooth, like a photograph in the attic eaten by insects and faded by the sun.


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