Monday, April 20, 2009

Mudd Fest II

a benefit for the Turners Falls Skate Park
This Friday, April 24th
@ the Brickhouse
24 3rd st Turners Falls

this is an early show 7-9ish

Move to Turners Falls!

Danny Cruz of Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth put this show together as a benefit for the troubled Turners Falls skate park. ¨SKAET OR DIE¨. Flaming Dragons will be performing all their Mayan hits as well as the apocalypse.

O.F.C. is the punk band of Turners Falls they live in a ramshackle house behind the dumpsters behind the grocery store. I saw one of the most awesome shows ever there, featuring next band:

Big Kids from Brattleboro VT, which is pretty cool like Turners Falls. Almost as cool...cooler. This is like female cats who are rasty and also male cats who are playing instruments to soothe the cats who are girls, but they can´t be soothed. (the super cool Abby Banks is one of those cats).

Heat Wilson is not from Turners Falls, though they want to be. They are not basketball men, but would rather piano or poetry. Also there is music very good.

The event will be MCed by Greg & Ted

Danny says ¨If you haven´t seen these bands don´t miss this opportunity for some of the amazing bands in rock and bring some money or just love and give it to the skate park cause the bands get jack and have a good time and it´s all ages too, so you should totally come and then do something else after if you want, cause it won´t be too late.

Tom Now, of the Now Band

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