Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bookmill Shows

Eugene Chadbourne
@ the Montague Bookmill
Thursday April Sixteenth
Eight Dollars, Eight O´Clock

Since recording his first record in 1976, Eugene Chadbourne has oscillated determinedly between the worlds of free improvisation, modern composition and the broad tapestry of American popular music that wall-papers his musical imagination. Initially inspired by rock n roll guitarists, Chadbourne quickly outgrew the limitations of the form, and instead chose to refuse the sorts of idiomatic constraints that tend to place an artist into a cul de sac of easy categorization. Collectively, Chadbourne's discography is an orgy of compulsive improvisation, serial collaboration, pranksterish humor, radical critique, psychedelic overkill and loving homage to the same set of musical edifices that he's spent more than thirty years demolishing. These are characteristics equally applicable to his live performances undertaken on guitar, banjo and a number of electrified household and/or stringed implements. Even at his most demented Chadbourne has never been less than relevant, and more often than not these musical detonations provide perfect counterpoint to his relentless critique of a world gone Mad.

Mudboy, AREA C, Paper, Dark Inside the Sun
@ The Montague Bookmill
Friday April Seventeenth
Eight Dollars, Eight O´Clock

"Erik Carlson is a composer, media artist and architect based in Providence, RI. His work examines sound as an evocative presence, often acting as a marker, in the physical and mental spaces we inhabit. Since 2002 he has been recording and performing under the name AREA C, whose compositions work with timbre, texture and live loops, exploring cyclical relationships and the details of their decay over time. Improvisation plays an important part in both recordings and live performances, encompassing extended explorations of minimal rhythm and melody, drawing on remnants of other times and places, outdated and untested technologies, signals sent out but never received."

"Paper is Aaron and Adrienne Snow, who create music inspired by drone music, tryps, and repetition, mixed with a bit of spacey poppy crud. Adrienne and Aaron have played in bands such as Landing, Surface of Eceyon, White Rainbow, and Dragon. Paper is a new project influence by the likes of Harmonia, Neu!, Cluster, Harold Budd, Eno, and many others."

"Mudboy, Doctor of experimental organomics. Lives in Providence RI. still :Home built keyboards, circuits brain mush. Dark Dub- Doom Dub Home made recordings at freematterfortheblind a label run by selfsame."

"Mashing soft, eerie songwriting against cathartic drum attacks and agit-prop crowd bantering, Dark Inside the Sun is as much a performance art concept as a band. Everything here is live; there can be no Dark Inside the Sun Studio album. So much of the album depends on Gigante’s conviction. Otherwise, his onstage antics—calling out Civil War Generals, half-mocking semi-philosophical slur poetics, feedback fuckery as intentional audience irritant/attention-getter—would fall flat. Luckily, Gigante does not lack conviction."

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