Saturday, February 21, 2009

un-caging the anarchists this sunday no less!

SUN FEB 22 9pm $5
the king st. manor
113 king st.
northampton, ma 01060

melissa st. pierre - "tosses classicism and post-classicism overboard, utilizing the prepared piano -- John Cage's notorious instrument of choice -- and electronic enhancement to sail resolutely in the direction of rock & roll. peppering the strings, hammers and dampers of the piano with a variety of objects, she transforms the instrument's typical timbre: sparkling gamelans chatter; harrowing voodoo drums call out in the night."

trials and tribulations - one show you get anarcho-folk pirate anthems, the next electifyed arcs of noise, and the next is klezmer. one night it's one person, next show there're fifty. what lies in store for the manor? word has it, trials may be kicking out the drone jamz for this one!

this is gonna be a shorter show than usual, so make sure you roll on up in time... we'll be starting no later than 9. promise!

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