Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hot Hot Shows for Cold Times

Sat. Jan 31st
178 L st. Turners Falls
all welcome

Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth: turners falls legends of arbitrary mindfulness, and epic mud lightning metal. In order to conform to leader Danny Cruz's curfew, FDOME will be kicking things off EXACTLY at eight, and playing for exactly eighty minutes.

Bromp Treb: turners falls derelict cloaca spins clutsy comedowns on cannibalized tape...

Sam Gas Can: worcester's finest. good cop//bad cop

plus bryan phantom fairlane

coming up in future days

Dubious Liftings (part d)
Sat. Feb. 14th 8pm
109 bridge st. noho: purple haze
monies will be taken

sunburned hand of the man (<>)
crank sturgeon (ME)
mudboy (RI)
ambergris (matt thurber NY)
open star clusters (CT)
skinny vinny (MA)

happy valentine's day

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