Monday, December 8, 2008

greenfield/turners community radio WMCB

since the spring WMCB-LP 107.9 FM has been legally operating...with a minimum of interest. time to get some folx involved! the station is a non-profit community volunteer-run low-power deal operating a shared frequency...that is, the station is on in the PM (noon-midnite) and another station is also operating in the AM (midnite to noon) on the same number. thus, 107.9 is two different stations.
our station (noon-midnite, got it???) broadcasts all over greenfield and turners falls and into deerfield, montague (heard it at the book mill), and perhaps into bernardston and gill (i haven't checked).
if anyone is interested in doing a show or helping out in any way, now is the time to get involved, as there is available airtime and other opportunities, such as fund-raising and tech help. please check the station's blog page at you may find a schedule here...
you can also either email or
on-line broadcasting will be happening soon...

let's utilize this underground medium for community benefit.

and a plug: check our show "the alter-destiny" every monday 6-8pm (before democracy now). we play all kinds of underground sound--punk, psych, noise, avant, garage, free, etc...
check the show's page at

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