Thursday, November 13, 2008

weeken' Freakin' NOV 14 - 17

Junk for the Valley:

10pm @ People's Pint. Federal St Greenfield, MA
Sweet Exorcist: DJ's Andujar & Snack Attack spinning hard funk afrobeat reggae w/ special guest MoCro.


all over Northampton: THIS STUFF


8pm ish @ King Street Manor, 113 king st Northampton, MA
Heaven People, Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung, Janel & Anthony.

Heaven People - Glide yer canoe on a mirror-smooth twilight lake and furcate yr mind in eight shimmering realms of perfect symmetry. With a forthcoming album from Ecstatic Peace these cats are awesomeawesome-oh-by-giddly-gawd-awesome.

Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung - Locally grown strains of Bunwinkie, Red Favorite, Feather, and Whyte Kastle barley reaped by way of International Harvester then fermented and filtered in the kindly counter-cultural tank of Easthampton's Time Machine. Imbibe of the magic antler!

Janel and Anthony - A solemn soundtrack for a slow-motion world in flames, throes of rebirth or some transfigured, entwined and living transmission of both radiating with graceful aplomb.

9pm @ Purple House 109 Bridge St. Northampton, MA
Little Women, Yukon, White Suns, Skinny Vinny, AO Groupuscule

LITTLE WOMEN (members of ZS, Extra Life)
"Little Women is terrifying. Their first full-length, Teeth, is the kind of stuff that haunts Archie Shepp and Cecil Taylor in their worst nightmares. The Brooklyn quartet's saxophone bleats, beyond-angular guitar lines and purposeful, spastic drumming commands'll find incredible form and structure and even hints at traditional bebop tonality within Little Women's incredibly dense walls of sound, which effectively separates them from the bulk of free jazz/noise acts...Anyone who has seen this live has first-hand knowledge of terror." - Impose magazine

YUKON (members of Extra Life)
Three-piece masterpiece from Baltimore. Tight as fuck, loud as shit. Engagingly 90's in all ways. The last time Yukon came to Hampshire it snowed two days later...

NME thinks that White Suns sounds like "wolf eyes covering 'confusion is sex'-era sonic youth". But anyway, it's really epic music from Wesleyan and the apts. of Brooklyn. BYOB

The duo of Skinny Vinny has been making music and playing together since 2002. Inspired by speed chess, fast art, and all things Duchamp, Josh Jefferson and Andrew Eisenberg work together to define, refine and otherwise extend their understanding of music. Andrew Eisenberg plays percussion on an assortment of modified drum parts that he has reduced and eroded thru a process of playing and breaking them. Josh Jefferson plays alto sax and bass clarinet.Over the years he has focused more on abstract sounds and extended techniques and is always in constant pursuit for the abstract unknown.

Jeremy Starpoli, Peter Bonos and Neil Young. Trombone, trumpet, percussion.

8ish? @ Tinderbox, Brattleboro, VT
Little Women, Yukon, Fat Worm of ERror

5:30pm @ Hampshire College Main Lecture Hall, Amherst, MA
Greil Marcus Lecture on "Masters of War"

and then

8ish? @ Tinderbox, Brattleboro, VT
Uke of Spaces Corners

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