Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MPBE # 9

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #9
Wednesday, September 24th, 9pm Five Bucks
at the Rendezvous
78 3rd St
Turners Falls, MA 01376

Evolutionary Jass Band
Slaughterhouse Percussion Duo
Hora Flora aka Raub Roy aka Raub 'hora flora' Roy
lecture by George Shapiro on Twistor Geometry
DJ Cloaca (me)

read on:

we're crushing summer with this joyful loaf of heaviness - twistor
math and ecstatic music!

Evolutionary Jass Band from Portland, OR is a six piece ensemble that
rips fire music over hackle-raising trance riddims. They "formed
around 2001, with key members of the band having been longtime members
of the seminal out-rock ensemble with the notoriously
large membership, Jackie-O-Motherfucker. With a steadier (and smaller)
lineup and a jazz language as the focus, the Jefrey Brown-led ensemble
slowly but steadily became one of Portland's most unusual live bands-
absolutely dedicated to a working-band family
atmosphere, their unity and focused sonic vocabulary is astonishing
and immediately accessible to their audiences. Early EJB music (the
band then going as The Steele Street Revolutionary Jass Band) revolved
around crescendoes of modal, looping riffs, recalling Ethiopian
jazz-funk as well as the ecstatic vibe of 1970s afrocentric jazz
visionaries like Sunny Murray. Now, the band has incorporated even
more stylistic map-points, allowing them to manipulate a highly
charged jazz language with confidence and ease. Combining their
aforementioned influences with bebop compositional balance,
Jarmuschian cinematic moodiness, torch song, New Orleans proto-jazz,
and American band music, the band is quickly forging a powerful,
brave, and singular musical voice. With a now-steady band lineup
assembled from some of Portland's busiest musicians (guitarist Marisa
Anderson and violinist/vocalist Daphna Kohn are talented songwriters
in their own right), the band is
recording new, ecstatic compositions for future release on Community
Library, as wel as a special limited LP project slated for release on
Portland's excellent Mississippi Records label."

Finally, a rematch with the full Slaughterhouse Percussion Duo! Some
of you might remember back in May that they had to cancel last minute
and Jake Meginsky soldiered on solo with diabolical control of his
giant kettle tympani & arsenal of gongs. Well, this time expect to be
paid in full. Jake Meginski (Bennington, VT) & John Truscinski
(Brooklyn, NY) found eachother hanging from meathooks deep
in the cooler of an abandoned slaughterhouse in Amherst, MA. Their
hypnotic compositions are vast explorations of interwoven texture &
rhythm utilizing drums, bowls, bows, and other debris. I said it then
and I'll say it now, this ain't no hippy shit, their beats will
sublimate your blood into vapor.

Ever since he split wmass for his new NoCal home, Raub Roy has been
pouring batter for the Bay Area's infamous Noise Pancakes events,
smooshing sounds into his propeller-driven sonic cuisnart, and
probably roaming the streets with headphones & a parabolic reflector,
scooping audio like a funky soda jerk. Now he's back for bit, and
spilling his sampled splendor into our hungry ears. This show couldn't
be more perfectly rounded out.

Lake Pleasant, Montague resident & esteemed mathematician George
Shapiro is dropping serious knowledge with his lecture "Twistor
Geometry and Lie's Line-Sphere Correspondence or, Complex Perspectives
on the Space of Spheres in Space." He will not be pussyfooting, the
abstract reads like getting punched in the face: "Classically, the
space of spheres in space is described by four real parameters: radius
and center point.. If one includes spheres of zero radius and spheres
of infinite radius Sophus Lie observed that the space of spheres is a
real projective variety described by a quadratic form of signature
(2,4). Lie also observed that, locally, the space of spheres in space
may be associated with the space of lines in space. I will show that
by considering the more general situation of spheres in
four-dimensional space one obtains a unified viewpoint via the complex
geometry of Roger Penrose's Twistor theory." bleaow! I can't wait
for the Q & A.

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange is a place where bodied & disembodied
brains & nonbrains can safely gather to deconstruct solutions & create
problems while soaking in an envigorating bath of provocative
entertainments. Last wednesday of every month, 9pm to midnight, at the
Rendezvous (bar with food!) 78 3rd St Turners Falls, MA. A typical
evening will include 2 - 3 performing acts, a 15 minute lecture and a

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