Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OK, so.

Tonight at 9PM, upstairs yoga studio, Fitzwilly's building, Northampton is:

demons with rodger stella
sick llama
helicoptere sanglante

Then on Thursday:

Four Songs for my Countrymen

Artist Josiah Cuneo combines both visual art and music composition in presenting his latest installation Four Songs for my Countrymen. Through the use of his inventive visual vocabulary and conceptually driven musical scores, Cuneo uses sculpture and painting to address crucial topics ranging from Mexican immigration to U.S oil trade. The result is work that intelligently tackles delicate issues using a language that is personal and imaginative.

Join the artist for a talk about his work at 6:00 on Thursday May 15th followed by a reception at 7:00 and a live performance of four new compositions by the Pyramid Scheme trio at 8:00.

All events will take place at Hampden gallery at U-Mass on May 15th. Log onto JosiahCuneo.com for more details.

Actually got mailed a press release for that one, strange.

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